On-site Classes

On-site classes can be provided at locations around the US.  It's one of the most enjoyable ways to learn! Computers can be provided or classes can be offered in your computer lab.  Instructional materials are always provided.  These are typically small classes with an excellent student to teacher ratio; usually there 8 or less students.  Everyone is engaged in learning!

An on-site class can be filled with your employees  (4 person minimum, 15 person maximum), or partially filled and then additional seats may be offered to others in the area. All software and hardware can be provided with our mobile learning lab or training can occur in your training facilities.  Please visit our catalog of classes to find the class that's right for your group, or visit our calendar to see what classes are scheduled and available for open enrollment.

Computer, software, course workbooks, and training data can be supplied. 

[See enrollment terms for more information]

The value of Salish Coast Sciences on-site classes:

  • High-quality, personalized attention in small classes
  • Student may audit the same class anytime afterwards for free (with limits)
  • Competitive pricing
  • Students are encouraged to bring their own data and questions
  • Taught using high quality course material owned and maintained by Salish Coast Sciences

Sounds great! Take me to the list of available classes!

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[Ann] opens minds and closes gaps with a logical, common sense approach to GIS and learning.
— Gena (Grants Pass, OR)
Ann’s teaching style is energetic, encouraging and motivating!
— Kate (Bellingham, WA)