Powering Your Geodatabase and ModelBuilder for Management / Analysis


Are you still fuzzy on what a geodatabase is?  and topology? This class gets you into the details of geodatabases in ArcMap using an uncluttered and systematic approach. This course starts with a quick review of objects within a geodatabase and the different types of geodatabases , then moves deeper. Many users need a strong basis in using the geodatabase for daily activities that don't require elaborate designs. Students learn how work with every day topology applications through creation of rules, investigation of specific changes in the data due to validation, work with editing tasks for management issues such as coincidence, and learn how to manage some confusing topology errors. Additionally, subclasses and domains are explored for their simple powerful concept. Finally, relationships are added to the whole topic of geodatabases -- this is where powerful tables can be associated and accessed.

While working with geodatabases, students may  ask “How can I repeat my work, as well as document it?” Using ModelBuilder in conjunction with the tools found in ArcToolbox powerfully enhances your geodatabase building and automation procedures. The focus of this class is to learn the tools: creating, editing, and documenting models.

Students will leave this class with the confidence for building basic and sound geodatabases as well as confidence in constructing their own models from scratch.


This course is for users who have basic skills in using ArcGIS and need experience and confidence to move into more powerful editing operations, geodatabase, geoprocessing, and ModelBuilder.

Prerequisites and recommendations

Participants should be comfortable working with ArcGIS. Know how to use the Help system. And have at least a month of working experience or have attended Basic ArcGIS Desktop 


·  Solid knowledge growth in understanding geodatabases (continued learning from any basic ArcGIS course)
·  Understand topology properties (rules)
·  Be introduced to using a number of common topologies, know enough to learn more topologies
·  Construct multiple topologies
·  Work with coincident features: lines, points, and polygons
·  Edit features under topology rules and manage errors and exceptions
·  Learn about subclasses and using its power
·  Learn about domains
·  Learn about relationships

Topics covered

·  When do you start using a geodatabase ?
·  Why / why not use a geodatabase ?
·  Geodatabase Basics
·  Before using a geodatabase 
·  Managing your geodatabase
·  Populating the geodatabase and exporting from a geodatabase
·  Load from ArcCatalog
·  Add data through editing
·  Export to XML
·  What is topology
·  Why use topology
·  Properties of topology
·  How are topologies built?
·  Topology restrictions
·  Creating topology
·  Topology rules review
·  Editing features controlled by topologic rules
·  Editing coincident lines
·  Checking errors
·  Fixing errors in conjunction with the error inspector
·  Rule exceptions
·  Subclasses
·  Domains
·  Relationships
·  Understand Geoprocessing methods
·  Understand the commonly used tools and procedures for Geoprocessing
·  Build skills using ArcToolbox
·  Understand the ModelBuilder and how it works with ArcToolbox
·  Working with model elements
·  Create branching models
·  Batch and loop
·  Create metadata and help documentation for models

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