Understanding Python and ArcPy in ArcGIS


This course starts at the beginning with learning the basics of the Python programming language. It is an excellent choice for people not having any experience with programming languages. You will learn the advantages and disadvantages of the language, proper construction and syntax. Starting with beginning scripts you will progress to working with built-in data, control flow structures, variables and assignments, handling strings, messages and more! After learning the basics, ArcPy is introduced then incorporated with GIS and geoprocessing activities. You will end with exciting data driven pages!


This course is for users having relatively strong skills in ArcGIS and have a need to work outside the normal tools of the application.  GIS data managers looking to increase productivity by automating tasks with Python would benefit from this class.

Prerequisites and recommendations

This class assumes no previous programming experience. ArcGIS experience and toolbox experience is needed. 

Skills Learned:

What is Python?
Working with IDLE
Writing simple scripts: variables, list, looping, assignments
Debugging scripts
Working with lists
Describing objects
Opening, reading and writing files
Working with ArcToolbox: creating a custom tool
Map production using the mapping module and data driven pages
Creating statistics

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