SDE for SQL Server Express


This course covers the reasoning for using SQL Server Express and SDE in ArcGIS Desktop as well as practical installations, use and maintenance of a Geodatabase within this environment. This uses the free software that comes with an ArcEditor or ArcInfo license. You will install SQL Server Express, create an SDE Geodatabase, edit and maintain your data. You will work with non-versioned and versioned data using topology editing tools. There is testing of multiple replication processes that help you decide how to distribute your data across your organization, then testing of editing replications in a networked environment. Finally, this class explores the usefulness of archiving. This class is designed for users to set up this relatively complex environment using the classroom machine. If you make a mistake, the machine can be ghosted back to original environment. 


This course is for advanced ArcGIS Desktop users wanting to capitalize upon using SDE without having to purchase an Enterprise license and a higher level DBMS. This class is not for users having only ArcView licensing.

Prerequisites and recommendations

Participants should have strong skills with ArcMap and ArcCatalog, understand some database design issues, understand topology, and be able to edit feature data skillfully.


·  Introduce SQL Server Express
·  Introduce SDE
·  Install SDE for SQL Server Express
·  Understand versioned/non-versioned data
·  Understand editing and data maintenance within this environment
·  Understand replication
·  Understand archiving


Participants will use data from a small local government and will emulate typical data maintenance activities. The data and exercises do not represent a full database implementation.  

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