Intermediate Python


Feeling a little stuck with your python and ArcPy skills? Need to just see what is possible to motivate and spark your creative experimentation? Extend your reach as a python programmer by learning tips and tricks to take your programming to the next level in this half day workshop. We will cover a wide range of topics in lecture format. These ideas should get you inspired to try new things, fix old problems, and code faster – like a pro!


This course is for GIS analysts and data managers looking to further their GIS skills.  Participants should be familiar with Python and coding at the novice level already.  We will not go over basic python skills.  These will be tips and tricks to add to your bag of tools and skills.

Topics covered

·  Setting up a code template with built-in tools to get you up and coding faster
·  Understand a more powerful IDE editor and the benefits of using it
·  Using GIT - what is it (revision control software) and how to set yours up
·  A look behind the scenes at task automation with Python - understand what powers a local government      every evening for GIS cleanup
·  Advanced ODBC / ArcPy data access module connection strings
·  How to use ST_Geometry in your queries to run spatial queries without ArcMap
·  Zipping files in Python
·  Send an email from your script when a task fails or completes successfully

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